Felicity Aston - the next adventure

I've been privileged to work with Felicity Aston on materials for a journey that she made to the Pole of Cold. We won an award from the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers for these materials.
I've now been asked to work on some materials for an expedition that she is leading in 2018. It will take her back to the Polar regions.
This is a talk that she gave regarding a previous trip across the Antarctic: a solo expedition:

The next expedition will take Felicity to the Arctic, in the company of a group of women from a number of countries, as part of the Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition, in April 2018. 
The team was selected from over 1000 applications.
You can meet them here.

Here is some preliminary information about the trip from the project website.

Here's one of the awesome images of the sugar dunes that Felicity took on her recent training trip to Oman:

There will be plenty more awesome images and ideas for learning about these environments which will form part of a proposed set of materials which will allow students to explore the landscapes and challenges posed by them. They will be relevant to different age groups, and accessible to people with different levels of language ability. I'm looking forward to working with Susan Gallon from the team to create some exciting materials.

They will also be useful for those wanting to engage with the expedition before, during and after the actual time spent heading for the North Pole.