Going beyond these four walls...

The first day back after Easter, I will be having a whole-school INSET day - it comes a couple of days before the GA Conference, where I'm involved in two or three other presentations as well, so it will be a busy week.
The staff will have a choice between a session for senior colleagues on revision strategies involving a company that have been working with students this year, and a session on outdoor learning for those colleagues who teach year 1-6.
The catch is that the person who will be presenting the 90-minute session on outdoor learning is me...

I've already started preparing the session and spent quite a few hours producing a pack of ideas to take away, and a Dropbox folder of relevant resources. My thanks go out to Sharon Witt, who has passed on some ideas, and also to Paula Owens.

There will also be a reminder of the Mission:Explore curriculum missions which we produced a few years ago.
I am fine of course on the geography aspects of running such a session, but it will be attended by people with all subject specialisms...
I've got some ideas for mesostic poetry, mathematical activities (thanks to Juliet Robertson) and art.

There'll be a quick 15 minutes of 'theory' (John Muir quotes, Tom Morgan Jones illustrations et al), about 45 minutes of 'playing' outside and then a plenary to draw out the learning and produce a plan of action for using one idea during the summer term.

I'll share the materials and ideas here of course, but if anyone has other ideas for such a session, which is not subject-specific, then I'd love to hear from you.