New Fairtrade film aimed at 'A' level students

Can Trade Lift People Out Of Poverty? from Fairtrade Schools on Vimeo.
This film is suitable for students aged 16 years and over and provides an in-depth look at trade and globalisation.

It features Yohanna, a 19 year old student from London, as she visits sugar farmers in Swaziland, to find out about their lives and livelihoods producing sugar for export, and how Fairtrade has changed them.

Through Yohanna’s experiences, students can reflect on a couple of central questions - how is it that the people who grow the things we eat and use can be stuck in poverty, and is trade effective at helping poor countries to alleviate poverty? The film examines these issues by looking at products traded on global terms, sugar and cocoa. Issues such as globalisation, Fairtrade, the background to our global trade system, and power in global supply chains, are all touched upon, as Yohanna talks with the people involved in growing and exporting the things we buy here in the UK.

With many thanks to…

The Swaziland Sugar Association, Gugu Dlamini, Mr Matsebula, Namboard, Mr Dlamini, KDDP and the steering committee for the KDDPFF, Maplotini, Pat Ntuli, Dvokolwako, Phil Malandula, RMI, Sibhamu Tsabedze, Mike Ogg, Jerry Nxumalo, Fairtrade Africa, Mr Andile Zikalala, SCGA, Mr Sipho Nkabule, ILLOVO, Mr Phil Malandula, SWADE, Mr Sithole and Mr Mkhonto


Adam said…
The A Level generation are definitely the ones to target for Fairtrade, easy to see why they've done it.

Could go even younger, I've taught some of Fairtrade's principles in my Y8 class before and it's gone down well.

Fairtrade is a mark most of them have heard of and seen but not many actually know about.