Richard Long at Houghton Hall

Richard Long is an artist I've appreciated for many years, and have previously blogged about here several times before. I've come across his art in different locations - recently at Tate Modern, and also at the Guggenheim in Bilbao.
His art is connected with the landscape, and can often be found in it, and was made in it, and from it.
I went to the last big exhibition of his back in 2009.
I came across a piece when going to a meeting at Defra some years ago, in the lobby while I was waiting to be taken to the meeting room.

There is a major exhibition opening at Houghton Hall, a short drive from my home, at the end of April, and going through until October. It will feature many large scale pieces outdoors, including one of his large slate circles.
The exhibition is called Earth Sky.

I'll be going along, and will share some images here...