Be a good Samaritan for a good Samaritan

I've just got back home from an excellent GA Conference, as you may have gathered from recent posts.
I'm going to be blogging the conference over the next few weeks with 15 or 20 posts on what I got up to, and some personal highlights. I travelled back into London, and when arriving at King's Cross station saw someone with a wheelie case struggling up the stairs, and at that moment realised I'd left my own case back at the conference venue on the committee stand where I'd been based...
My colleague Claire was still at the conference, and kindly offered to rescue my case.
Claire has an important day tomorrow - she's running the London Marathon for the first time.
I've already sponsored Claire, but if you're looking to sponsor someone for tomorrow, Claire is running for MIND, and her Just Giving page is here.
It would be great for her good deed for me to perhaps result in a small top up to her final total for such a worthy charity.
Thanks in advance...