GA Conference 2017 #11 - No more tiers...

SPC workshop – No more tiers (or tears)
I co-presented this workshop with colleagues from the Secondary Committee: Kathryn Stephenson and Rachel Kay, with help from Tanith Ludlam.
Once again there were more people in the room than we had space for with over 60 delegates choosing our session.
The session began with Kathryn Stephenson identifying the background to exam questions: the assessment objectives. Through a number of quizzes, she identified how different questions might be able to assess these (bearing in mind that there was a mark allocation which was spread across the papers)

Rachel Kay then talked about the ideas she uses to identify and support students with answering the most difficult questions.

There were some interesting discussions amongst the delegates, which is always a key element of the SPC workshops that we run.

I finished off the session by putting the answering of exam questions in the context of the questions in textbooks which teachers might use to help students prepare for the exams, and also the development of these questions.

Some issues I mentioned:

- time – how long students will need to answer questions and how long they will take

- timetabling (this year, Geography exams are in the afternoon, and students will have had English in the morning - not ideal)
We had good feedback at the end of the session, using post-it notes as we traditionally do. All the comments were between 7 and 9, on our 1-9 scale. Thanks for coming...