GA Conference 2017 #7 - British Red Cross Workshop

Up next was the British Red Cross Workshop.

This was a workshop I had spent a lot of time preparing, to go alongside a resource which had been downloaded hundreds of times, and took months to create.

I co-presented the workshop with Lucy Tutton from the British Red Cross.

We were placed in a room which was a little too small for the people who wanted to come and see us – so we emptied the chairs from the room next door and filled up all the gaps. Thanks to everyone who came along. We talked about the origin, structure and aims of the resource before showing some of its contents.
There were 4 activities which we encouraged delegates to have a go at, which included an IT activity using a tool called Nathan Light.
The presentation is here once again for those who might want to view it.

We talked through the resources, and Lucy filled in with some important updates and information from the British Red Cross perspective.
There were some ITE colleagues in the room, and their tutor later told me that they said it was excellent - always a bonus.