The DLAB Erasmus project

I've spent part of this holiday trying to get the next phase of the ERASMUS project that my school is involved in ready for the interim stage...
This project is called GI Learner.

You can use the search box top left to find out more about what we've done, and also follow us on Twitter @GILearner

I've come across another Erasmus project which includes UK partners (there are far fewer of these than there should be)
It's called DLAB, which is short for Digital Learning across Boundaries.

The Digital Learning Across Boundaries (DLAB) project addresses the need to align European educational practice with ways in which digital technology is changing how and what we learn, and how we apply this in education.
The purpose of this project is to promote digital learning across the boundaries of physical spaces, across curriculum subjects and across languages and cultures, to facilitate collaborative learning across national boundaries.
Over three years we have adopted three ‘learning across boundaries’ themes:
  1. Technology Outdoors: bridging formal and informal learning by extending learning beyond traditional classroom spaces and supporting learners with disadvantaged backgrounds by managing transitions positively through collaborative outdoor learning experiences.
  2. Stem to SteAm: adding the Arts to the integrated study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths creating inter-disciplinary challenge-based online learning resources.
  3. Technology Enabled CLIL: using curriculum contexts to teach language competencies and cultural sensitivity with aim of meeting the language needs of a diversity of learners, including learners for whom English is an additional language (EAL/EFL)

The website is taking shape, and has a range of materials.
This is a really helpful Padlet of Wild Writing tips....

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