Fidget Spinners

The latest trend to annoy teachers across the country following dabbing, bottle-flipping and the loom band, although there are some who say these particular objects help pupils to concentrate, or remove stress. I have to say I'm not one of those people...

I started thinking about the sourcing of these objects, following on from the Follow the Things work that we have been doing on the supply chain of certain products.
We explored the raw materials, and their environmental impact. We considered the likely 'lifespan' of such items, and referenced previous fads such as loom bands and wondered "where are they now"?

We considered the idea of crowd funding and the millions raised to bring the fidget cube to life. Over £6 million!

This article from the New York Post describes some retailers in the USA having the sense to air freight them in to get them quicker, and one company selling 20 million in a month! They are selling out all over it seems. They are even seen as a business/office toy for adults.

AliBaba is the website for people to access Chinese suppliers, and find a suitable manufacturer, and we discovered plenty of factories in Shenzhen which make them. We then followed that up by looking at the location of this city which also houses the manufacturing of many other products.

I know that some science subjects have used them to explore forces and other principles of movement, but I'm not sure I'm in a hurry to do a geography of the fidget spinner unit...

Could also be scope for a debate topic about whether they should be banned.

Any other ideas out there?