GA Conference 2017 #14 - Teachmeet and Beermeet

The Teachmeet was held in the Hillside Restaurant. Lucy Oxley and the GA team had supported David Rogers in the organisation of the event, which was sponsored by Discover the World, NST Travel, Bloomsbury Education (who provided the beermats) and Geography all the Way.

Richard Allaway had sponsored the drinks and food, and there was plenty of both, which were very welcome.
The setting was more informal than the previous year(s), and there was a good atmosphere – the beer helped with that. It was good so see Andy Knill, and other colleagues past and present.

As always, there was a random element to the order that the talks came out.
Simon Ross introduced us to some Norwegian music describing landscape, including Ola Gjeilo's "Tundra"

Bob Lang talked about the Dear Data project and how it inspired a cross-curricular art project in his school in Birmingham.

Steve Rackley performed his “Ode to Hans” Rosling – this was an excellent and moving analysis of how Hans’ work had influenced his work. This was another highlight of my conference.

I followed with my “It's been emotional” presentation on Emojis and how they could be used. Emojiography

Here's Bryan's image of me in action:

Image Copyright Bryan Ledgard / Geographical Association and used with permission.

I also liked Ali’s session where he gave us a Mentimeter code for our devices and asked us to provide 3 words to describe the Ideal Geography teacher.
The final session was by James Riley, who talked about the Missing Maps project which had also been part of our British Red Cross session.
We finished just about on time. An excellent Teachmeet once again.

Beermeet followed, over at the Albany pub and it was good to see Andy Knill come up from his new home in Dorset to join us.
The Albany was where the first Beermeet was held 9 years ago.

A good end to a very full day of Geography.