GA Conference 2017 #18 - next year...

This is the last post to sum up the GA Conference for 2017

Bryan Ledgard's official photos have gone up on the GA's Flickr page

Next year's conference is to be held in Sheffield.

GA Annual Conference and Exhibition
Sheffield Hallam University, Thursday 5–Saturday 7 April 2018

For the theme of the 2018 Annual Conference I would like us to reflect on geography in the real world, and how its application affects our daily lives.
As I write this I am connected to a global network linking the physical, human and virtual worlds: I use a laptop from China powered by electricity generated from various sources; I drink coffee from South America; I track a delivery that tells me I am ‘stop 12’ in a carefully mapped route; I email this text through an invisible network of servers located around the world.
While we may recognise geography’s ubiquity, we need to make young people and the wider public more aware of the role that geographical knowledge and skills play in the real world. This Conference will explore how we can share with a wider audience the real-world geography that surrounds our everyday lives. Whether we like it or not, we are all geographers.
Nick Lapthorn, GA Senior Vice President, 2016–17

Sheffield Hallam University is next to the railway station, so a good location.

I'll be there of course. It's good to see it doesn't clash with my daughter's birthday or my wedding anniversary, as has sometimes happened in the past...

It will also be the GA's 125th anniversary year, so plenty of opportunities there...

I've already got a few ideas bubbling away...