GI Learner Project - Day 3 and 4

Final post summing up my trip to Iasi at the start of last week....

Another glorious sunny day dawned... and it was into the 2nd day of meetings. This time the focus was looking forward, and planning an event in Madrid in a few months' time involving students from the partner schools.

We were hosted once again by the school of Diana Prodan and colleagues, and enjoyed their hospitality. We walked back over the canal, and into the room where we had been before. We had a productive day of meetings.

At the end of the session, it was out and across for a meal at a restaurant - sat out in the open once again. When that was finished, we went over to the University of Iasi, which has over 1500 students doing Geography. We had a welcome to the department, and then over to

The following morning, an early start to head for the airport and say goodbye to this friendly city which I hope I return to again some time.
Images: Alan Parkinson