Let's go fly a kite

The Norfolk Coast has some great beaches. I've been to most of them numerous times, and proposed to my future wife on one of them... what a romantic eh?
However, some of them are popular with people who want to do activities which would be dangerous to some of the other people who might want to use the same space.
Brancaster beach, for example, is popular with kite surfers. It is also protection for the golf course behind, which has some erosion problems.
The National Trust, which manages this stretch of coastline (they own quite a lot)
They have introduced a zonation system to keep people safe.

This would make an introduction to the idea of zoning land for management purposes...

Which other areas have similar zoning decisions?


emma said…
West Wittering as an 'unofficial' zoning for kitesurfers - because the beach is so big they have not had the conflict they might have done were everyone packed in together....