Monocle on King's Cross redevelopment

I buy Monocle magazine occasionally, particularly when there are special features on livability, or cities, or quality of life. There's plenty of interest in this chunky publication.
The most recent issue also had a reminder of some of the video materials that are produced and shared by the publication.
One of these is an excellent video on the redevelopments in the area around King's Cross. This is an area that colleagues are focussing on for their work on Changing Places, and also some fieldwork with older students too. As an area, there are plenty of opportunities for exploring the redevelopment itself and also its use. It has drawn university buildings, restaurants and other activities there, along with a concert venue in King's Place.
There are also the new UK offices for Google there, and I've visited the YouTube Creator Store a few times with my kids (the last time I visited they'd just launched a new product range, so I was given a free glass of prosecco and cup cakes while my kids browsed)
I've wandered through the area a few times when exploring that part of London, and have visited the parks, and the riverside seating area There are plenty of trendy bars and it's becoming a destination in itself...

My colleague Claire has also put together a really excellent cultural set of resources to help our students to explore ideas of challenge in urban areas and how London has change over the years. I will be sharing some ideas from that in another post...