RGS Awards

The annual RGS-IBG awards provide recognition for people from various fields of geography, including High Education, public policy, dissemination and engagement and also schools.
Each year, 2 teachers are awarded with the Ordnance Survey Award for excellence from the RGS.
Nine years ago now, ...nine!... I was honoured to receive the award. It remains one of the proudest moments of a career spent living geography...

This year, Paul Turner from Bedales School, and Claire Power were the two recipients.

There were also awards for 2 other people in particular whose work I have used.
James Cheshire has produced a range of excellent maps and tools on the data - he is getting an award.
Ian Cook et al, who are responsible for Follow the Things, and a whole range of other useful tools are receiving the Taylor and Francis award won by Professor David Lambert last year.

Well done to all the award winners. You will have a wonderful day in early June....