Webwatch - your contributions welcome

I have been writing the Webwatch Column for the GA Magazine since Issue 3, in the Summer of 2006. Here's a flashback to the first issue that I edited... I haven't changed a bit ...

Each issue since then, I've provided a range of web based ideas and resources.
These have included:
  • website suggestions, along with reviews on their usefulness
  • apps for smartphone and tablets
  • details on GIS software, data and other fieldwork related resources
  • CPD events and associated resources linked to the internet and training
  • links to TV programme and other support material
  • ideas on the use of social media
  • Twitter accounts which are relevant to geography and education
  • details of projects that are of interest (particularly ones I'm interested in)
  • suggestions for blogs to read
I've already written the Autumn 2017 issue, but  the Spring 2018 issue of Webwatch is going to be thrown open to anyone to suggest some content. It will be the 2nd time that I've crowdsourced an issue.

Your ideas shouldn't have been featured before in Webwatch, and be of general interest to geography teachers, and ideally have been used in your classroom - perhaps with some pictures showing some student outcomes.
All suggestions that are included in the final piece will be given a full credit to you and your school (plus Twitter link if you have one)

I'll be reminding you here a few times between now and then...
All suggestions can be sent to my e-mail - add a comment below or contact me via Twitter...
Over to you ...
60-100 words, URL and a picture if you have one would be great.