Earth Null School - the Misery Index

I've just been exploring some of the layers of an old favourite: Earth NullSchool to go along with some writing I'm doing around the IceFlows game that has been produced by Anne le Brocq the University of Exeter.

I wanted to add some ideas relating to the way that the game works.
There are two key aspects of the game, which deal with snowfall and sea temperatures. These are two of the controls which influence the growth of terrestrial and marine ice sheets.
While identifying the relevant layers and overlays on NullSchool, I came across a new one that I'm not sure has always been there, called the MISERY INDEX. This combines temperature and wind speed to identify misery, which is either being 'too hot' or 'too cold' (a little like a thermal comfort index)
You can access it by selecting the appropriate overlay...