Paris, Climate and Trump

I really don't know where to start with this one, as it is such a perverse decision, which goes against scientific consensus and common sense. I usually stick to ideas for lessons, weblinks and other stuff on the blog, but this is too important not to say something about. The statement Trump made about putting Pittsburgh etc. first is nonsense, as climate change will affect those places as much as the rest of the world.... More Americans are employed in renewable energy jobs than in coal, and the legalities of being part of the original agreement can't, I imagine, be walked away from so easily.

This is a decision that will affect Trump less than it will the children who are just being born, or are currently going through their education. I'm sure they will have an opinion when we return to school next week... There have of course been plenty of cartoons in newspapers and journals in the last few days - a web search will reveal these... most of them make the same point...

I have quite a few books written by Rebecca Solnit, and I recommend you read this essay by her on Donald Trump... and also check out Aimee Mann's 'Can't you Tell' on Spotify (or elsewhere)