Seminar at UCL on a research-led profession

Picture1.pngThanks to Susan Pike for the tipoff to a seminar that is being held at UCL in early July. I won't be able to make it, but it looks very useful and interesting, and also timely considering the growing discussions over the use of research to inform classroom practice, by members of GEReCo: the Geography Education Research Collective.

There is a link here to the page with details.
It's during the working week and in school time, but there may be some London-based teachers with gained time who could attend if they were thinking of doing an MA, or had a CPD role within their school.

July 3 2017
[room 744]
UCL Institute of Education
20, Bedford Way, London, WC1 H 0AL
1.30pm – 4.00pm
Teaching as a research engaged profession?
Problems and possibilities for subject specialist teachers
In the Chair: Dr Mary Biddulph (GEReCo)
  1. Tony McAleavy. Research and Development Director for the Education Development Trust. He is author of Teaching as a research-engaged profession: problems and possibilities co-published by the Education Development Trust and researchED

    David Lambert. Professor of Geography Education, UCL Institute of Education and co-director of the Subject Specialism Research Group (SSRG). He is the lead author, on behalf of GEReCo, of a draft ‘position paper’ Curriculum Leadership and the research engaged profession
There will be plenty of time for open discussion and debate. Possible outcomes include refining research agenda/priorities and informing teacher education programmes.