Untold Adventures Await

A bit of a connection to some recent and upcoming posts on the value of play in learning...
Rory's Story Cubes are almost ten years old, and I've been a big fan of them, and flagged up how I've used them in many blog posts and numerous CPD events too. I've got the full set of all the cubes, which now runs to more than 10 sets, and includes some recent expansions into familiar franchises such as Batman and Dr. Who.
I prefer the original sets made by Rory and the gang though...
I've just backed the creators' latest venture: a Kickstarter campaign to develop a game which allows the structured use of StoryCubes to create unlimited tales, with children's imaginations being guided using a template and some suggestions for how to develop

Here's a view of the prototype:

Check out the Kickstarter programme here ... the more people who back it the more extra stretch awards will be included in the final package. They've already added two new rewards, and I fancy the next one.