CB1 is the name given to a newly created area, close to the train station, which has had some interesting press recently.
Such areas are often called quarters, although cities can have more than four...
CB1 is described as an urban mixed-use development.

It has not gone down very well with some people, who say that it is not a good 'first impression' for visitors to the historic city to see as they step out of the railway station. One 'issue' that Cambridge has had for decades of course has been that the railway station is quite some distance from the historic centre of the city. There is a walk, or a bus/taxi ride required to get to this area.

Oliver Wainwright has said that this is a 'future slum'.
The local Cambridge News newspaper asked whether this was a suitable description or not...

One to add to our Cambridge 'Changing Places' fieldwork option for sure... alongside other recent changes such as the Research Park around Addenbrooke's Hospital.