Coverack - making the news

A lot of people were woken by thunder and lightning on Tuesday night. We had two phases in Norfolk: one around 12.30 and one around 5am. The latter brought the heaviest rain and some lightning strikes very close to the house...
Lightning can be tracked on Lightning Maps website or Blitztornung. 
I've just driven across the county, and came across a number of FLOOD warning signs, and areas where soil and stones had been washed across the road and left on the carriageway.
I made a map of this particular village this morning with my Digimap for Schools subscription.

Coverack in Cornwall seems to be the place that is most badly affected by flash flooding, although there was flooding across the SE, particularly in Kent, and localised issues elsewhere, which are causing problems for travellers today, particularly around Stansted airport.
It would be useful for students to perhaps compare this with Boscastle, or work out why this may have happened in this location. What were the factors that combined to make the effects so bad in this particular place?

The BBC has a page which is collating local news, and there is plenty on social media feeds too currently...