Natural Flood Management - a research survey to get involved with

Natural Flood management was in the news over the winter, when the town of Pickering was apparently 'saved' from serious flooding by alternative types of channel management which were less about building walls and more about working with the catchment to change the way that it responded to a precipitation event.

This new Research survey from Kate Smith at the Countryside and Community Research Institute uses some interesting visualisations to explore the River Isbourne. It provides a Google Tour with plenty of management information which makes it a self-contained case study for older students potentially.

It could however also be used by teachers of older students in particular as a useful, practical and detailed end of year activity (it being the last week of term for many as I post this)
Start up the survey and you will be prompted to download a KMZ file which will open in Google Earth / Google Earth Pro (the desktop version that you needed to download not the new web browser version)

Why not download the tour, and take part in the survey too, so that you help out in the way that these sorts of resources are used for future dissemination of research ideas...