New blog for OCR B Geography teaching

So I seem to have started another new blog. 
It's been a very wet couple of days down here in Devon, so have put my time to good use by pressing PUBLISH on a blog that I've been putting together for a few weeks now.
I wrote sections of the 2 OCR books for the 9-1 OCR specs. Having spent a couple of years on that project, I then never got to use the books, as my teaching was focussed on KS3 last year. However, with my new timetable for 2017-18 I am going to be teaching GCSE again, and will have a Year 10 group for OCR 'B' GCSE Geography.
The blog will share the resources that I create, or adapt from the work of my colleagues.
It will also have links to other useful resources that I come across. There's a useful set of links down the right hand side of the main blog page, including the very useful Facebook group, which has been supporting teachers for over a year now, and has over 400 members.