An interesting stories have emerged over the last few weeks on the rise in ownership of electric cars, and the increase in models which are on the market.
There are plans in many countries to scale back the production of petrol and diesel cars, and phase out production within quite short time scales.
The electric Mini will apparently be assembled in a UK factory, although not all manufactured in the UK.
This story describes a possible downside of when we all have to plug our cars in.... although I won't miss having to fork out £50 for a tank of petrol...

Will the National Grid be able to cope when we have millions of extra vehicles to charge each night?
Some places are getting ready for the increase...
The picture above is of Dart's Farm in Devon, which has had 3 electric charging points for a while, but there are another 10 or so currently under construction waiting to be installed and connected.

I've heard good things about them, but they're currently out of my price range....

Image: Alan Parkinson