Closing off the Pulpit Rock

I've blogged before about the Preikestolen: the "Pulpit rock" in Norway.

Many years ago, I visited the Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen in Norway. It is in an area called Rogaland, close to the city of Stavanger.
Here's a picture of me on the edge of the rock, taken over 30 years ago.

The rock overlooks the Lysefjord, and takes several hours to walk to. It is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited, and it stays with me, many years after I visited.
Richard Allaway, a friend of mine, had the good fortune to visit last month and take some photos. Here's one of his Lego photographer: Official Martin.

I had a quick look, and came across a news story from earlier that week which was interesting.
It talks about a crack which runs across the rock, which has been getting wider. Perhaps the Pulpit's days are numbered...
In late September, the rock will be closed off for 9 days for filming of a new "Mission:Impossible" film with Tom Cruise.
I wonder how that sits with people who were planning to visit during that time...

This also connects with some themes that have been emerging in recent weeks about the growing impact of tourism. This has led to protests and movements in places such as Venice and Barcelona. A long blog post, and other resources connected to this are in the making...

Image copyright: Alan Parkinson / Richard Allaway