Dear Data

Each week for a year, Giorgia and Stefanie sent each other a postcard describing what had happened to them during that week around a particular theme. But they didn't write it, they drew it: a week of smiling, a week of apologies, a week of desires.

Presenting their fifty-two cards, along with thoughts and ideas about the data-drawing process, Dear Data hopes to inspire you to draw, slow down and make connections with other people, to see the world through a new lens, where everything and anything can be a creative starting point for play and expression.
I've been following the blog and story for some time now, and today saw the book for the first time in large format flexi-binding, and it's really beautiful. Going to be ordering a copy shortly, and using it for inspiration for a few things I'm doing for the new year.

One of them is a staff masterclass I'm leading on the use of Piktochart during the Michaelmas term...