For the last few days, millions of people have been making travel plans for today... a total eclipse will take place in the USA. A band stretching across the country will experience a total eclipse, with a great part of the USA seeing a partial eclipse...
I've previously posted an ESRI StoryMap on Eclipses, which you can see further down the home page.
There have been plenty of articles on the impact of this on local communities: traffic chaos, loss to the economy and others are cashing in by renting out their homes, particularly in areas where there is more likely to be a clear sky to see the spectacle.
There have been some economic benefits for many communities taking advantage of their location in the line of totality.
This Guardian article says that the eclipse matches the dark mood many have in the USA about the nation's future.
It's something I've never seen, but have fun if you're going to see it today!
And watch it safely.
Map: USA Today