Education Festival 2017

This is a late blogpost, but I've been busy for the last few weeks...
My first visit to the Education Festival happened a few weeks ago, standing in for a colleague who was unable to go at the last minute. An early start (5am) to get across to Ely and meet my colleagues who were travelling together down to Berkshire. This meant the M11, M25 and a fair few queues. We made good time, and were soon inside - very efficient registration process.
There were quite a few interesting sessions, although it lacked some serious geography of course...
I started with Summer Turner's session on curriculum design, which was fairly close to some of the work we've done at King's Ely, and had some familiar curriculum making tropes.
Christine Counsell's session was moved or cancelled, which was a disappointment.
Lucy Crehans's session went down very well with colleagues, and an infographic summing up some of what she had to say is below:

I also thought I'd surprise David Rogers, who was presenting on "growing grit", but he seemed unfazed by me turning up... Chatted to a few other geographers too.
The chapel was a good venue for sessions by people such as Amjad Ali.
There was a packed tent for Andy Tharby and Shaun Allison.
I also went to a speech by OFSTED chief Amanda Spielman (I'll be blogging that separately with regards to what she said about the importance of curriculum)
I went to a debate which was a bit circular and not too helpful.
The lunch was good and I enjoyed a picnic and a chance to talk to colleagues I hadn't spend much time with due to the hectic nature of the school year.
At the end of the day, it was out for the return journey home, and I drove, which meant I didn't quite finish the big pile of marking I'd taken with me for the journey...

Here's the King's Ely team at the end of the day with our bags from the big pink bus...

I think I'll stick to geography-related events next year...