It's a few weeks now since the final day of Glastonbury for this year, and every year since 2010, I've seen it with new eyes, as that was the year I finally went...
It's an incredible event, which everyone should go to at some point in their life.
This year there were around 200 000 people in attendance. This makes it close to the size of Brighton...

For a few years, this is a small temporary city.
There's a fallow year next year when the festival is not happening, to give the land a little more time to recover from the damage that it gets during the festival.
Over the last few weeks, there were the usual images of the day after the festival and the start of the incredible clean-up that goes on each year, and costs hundreds of thousands of pounds. There are thousands of tents that are left, which are donated to charity.
There was an extra story this time round about zero hours contracts being used for the cleaners, which meant some people didn't get quite as much work as they were expecting.

My daughter attended the Latitude Festival, and enjoyed the experience. I wonder whether this will get more visitors next year too...

We explore Music festivals as a temporary place, and I'm thinking of adding it to some writing I'm doing on places which is going to be shared here.

Image: Alan Parkinson