GI Learner Madrid Meeting 2 - Day 1

After a fairly poor night's sleep (cities and me don't mix when it comes to sleeping) it was up for desayuno in a local cafe, and then out to the ESRI Spanish Conference in a very large Spanish conference centre near the airport.
We presented our GI Learner project in Spanish, although I recognised my name when it was mentioned and gave the audience a wave.
We headed next to the school where some of the partner pupils who will be joining us are from, and which was providing a meetings room for our visit: in the entrance lodge.
It is known locally as 'El Pilar'.

There was an amazing atmosphere to the place. We had a tour of the school, which can also be seen on this Vimeo video here - commentary in Spanish, but you get a sense for the history and the way that it operates.

We made really good progress on the planning for a student visit in February 2018.
It was then out to visit the accommodation, and start to deal with some logistical planning. The weather continued to be remarkable - sunshine and temperatures in the high twenties. There has been an absence of rainfall, and this has caused problems in some parts of the country. The accommodation is in the Casa de Campo: a large public park to the west of the city.
We sorted out some of the planning and then it was back into the centre of the city to our hotel, and out to an Andalucian restaurant for a traditional sea bass cooked Bilbao style....
Another typical Erasmus day: collaboration, ideas sharing and exploring a new part of Europe...

Image: Alan Parkinson