To Hull and back... again...

I went to Hull yesterday, travelling up to the University over the Lincolnshire Wolds, to work with this year's PGCE cohort. On the way, I passed this bungalow on Ferens Avenue, which was the building where I trained as a teacher with the late Vincent Tidswell, and also had my interview to get a place on the course, where Vincent said I was probably a little too quiet and self-effacing to be a teacher, and grab a group's attention last thing on a Friday (to be fair, he was probably right...)

There are some resources that I used on Slideshare from previous visits. I updated my presentation as always. Also had a chance to rehearse my Teachmeet again, which I will be doing at the RGS Teachmeet in a couple of weeks.
Nice feedback following the session:
Image: Alan Parkinson