GI Learner Madrid Meeting 3 - Day 2

GI Partners at ESRI Spanish Conference - picture credit Alex Prodan

Another shortened night thanks to nocturnal noise - Madrid is rarely quiet. Out for desayuno again, and then walked over to the school for the second day of meetings. This time, our focus was more on administration, and the next stages of the GI Learner project, including the teaching resources, and the student feedback on the work done so far. We are going to launch some of the materials that we have created on the website shortly.

After the main part of the meeting was over, some colleagues started to make their return journey home. We went into the city centre by bus, through the rush hour, and past the large sign on the city hall which says 'Refugees Welcome'. The Catalonian parliament earlier that day had declared independence, and I half expected to see some sort of demonstration or gathering in the city centre, but there weren't any.
We went to the cathedral, and Royal Palace, and then toasted the work we'd done over the last few days with a glass of Rioja in a restaurant built into an old fortress.
Thanks to Maria Luisa from Complutense University of Madrid for her hosting and guiding during the visit.