Mission:Explore Iceland - revisited

If you go to the Discover Geography website (developed by Discover the World in association with the Geographical Association) you will be able to register to download some free resources connected with the locations that Discover the World take students to. These include video materials developed by Simon Ross, and work by David Rogers.

Under the Guest Resources section, you will also find a link to download the Student and Teacher booklets produced for the Mission:Explore Iceland project.
This was the work of John Sayers and myself, illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones, and edited, designed and shaped by Helen Steer. 

There were quite a few ideas that didn't make the final cut. I was sorting out some notebooks this week and came across one that I'd filled in back in 2010, when I took part in an inspection trip organised by Travelbound, and in there were a whole host of ideas for a possible future Mission:Explore Iceland, most of which were never used, or even considered for the final resource.

The final 43 missions in the resource we created for Discover the World were excellent but there were another 60 that were never used. I'm going to share some of those in a new resource over the next month or so...

While we're on the subject of tourism in Iceland, this message earlier this week from the travel company The School Travel Consultancy that they were no longer going to offer trips to Iceland.

And here's the view of Discover the World on that subject.

I'm sure there's plenty more to come on this over the next few years...

Image: copyright Tom Morgan Jones / Discover the World Education