Teachmeet at the RGS - 1 of 2

I would have been quite happy to go home and have an early night last nght, but instead found myself on the train to London on a school night, to speak at the 3rd Teachmeet hosted by the RGS-IBG, and organised by David Rogers.

I found my way across to Kensington via the Wellcome Collection (which had an interesting graphic design exhibition), and the British Museum (although my original plans were scuppered by Her Majesty, who was making an official visit, so the bit I wanted was closed off) and then some food in a convenient Wetherspoons...
The ice rink was open as always outside the Natural History Museum.

More on the evening to come in a 2nd post, but for now, here's a copy of my presentation so that those who wanted to see it can do...

TM RGS from GeoBlogs

Image: Paula Owens