The Lives Behind the Label

A new 'Follow the Things' style resource exploring the Lives Behind the Label.
It's been put together by the New Internationalist.

It's an interactive resource which will go well into our Geography of my Stuff unit for Year 8.
Meet the people behind the high street: garment workers of Bangladesh.

There are 6 garments that you can click on, each of which gives you access to a story (the total time for these is around 20 minutes so that would work well with a lesson for a self-guided lesson.
There are some interesting stories here, particularly the film on Sharif, who belongs to the hijra: the third gender community who have particular issues to deal with.
There is also a photo gallery of garment workers, which shows their different personalities. It was developed along with the Awaj Foundation in Bangladesh.

Thanks to Stephen Schwab for the early heads-up on this resource.

Nice work by Paul Myles and Davide Morandini