To Hull and back... again...

Up to Hull on Saturday.
I've been up regularly since I trained as a teacher 30 years ago, to work with other cohorts of PGCE colleagues at the University.

I went up to see the Pat Metheny Quartet at the City Hall. I first saw them 35 years ago, and Pat had the same energy as then, with some wonderful versions of old and familiar songs. It was also a chance to wander the old town and revisit some of the pubs and other familiar places.

I quickly realised that there was something on, as the city was buzzing, and it turned out there were around 10 000 people who'd come in to see the final major event of Hull's year as the UK City of Culture.

It was linked to the famous street called 'The Land of Green Ginger', which I also visited, but the usual pubs I'd have got in were rammed because of the parade. The parade itself was excellent. It was a magical parade of animals and music, with fireworks and pyrotechnics and a giant animatronic figure called Crom.
All in all an excellent evening...
Pat finished the concert with an acoustic medley of tunes, including an excellent version of the song he recorded with David Bowie: 'This is not America' - which has been interpreted as a statement on the current state of the USA politically....
Image: Alan Parkinson