Wandering in Norfolk

Reading this book earlier, and it was some excellent elements of geography, history and literature with a Norfolk focus. It's written by David Howe, and published locally too. I liked the section on the cliffs of Hunstanton, which I'm writing about at the moment.

Earlier today, went over to Burnham Deepdale, and as we headed there the weather got filthier. Coming over from Burnham Market, the coast looked grey and the rain was hammering down, but important to get out, and see it in weather like this. It's on days like these that the coast is reshaped: days when the wind comes directly from the Arctic.

The book contains a poem 'written by John Kett'.

Dew Yew Look Up!

We can't show yew a mount'n
An, bor, we're short o'hills
An' yew oon't taake long a'countin'
Ar caastles an' ar mills.
But don't yew set their sighin' -
Jus' caast yar oyes up high
Where clouds an' baads are flyin'
An' see ar Norfick Sky!

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