Teachmeet at the RGS - 2 of 2

Here's my write-up of the recent RGS Teachmeet, which has been a few weeks coming. It's shorter than planned as I've not got the time to do a full write-up, but has a few ideas in there.

I visited a few places on the way down, and went in early to catch up with people who I've worked and shared resources with for many years. It was good to catch up with Steve Brace, who has been very supportive over the years since I joined the GA. David Rogers compered the event. I stood in for him last year due to illness, so it was good to be able to relax and listen to the others.

I've already blogged about Kate Stockings' resources produced for the Museum of London to accompany their excellent video.

There were some nice ideas from Ali Murray @nlgeography on acronyms that he uses as shorthand in the lesson.
I enjoyed the passion of Jason Sawle, as he talked about the importance of GIS, and the responsibility of Geography teachers for making GIS their own, and claiming it for Geography and being advocates for it across their school.
I was trying to remember the first time I met Jason. It must have been around the year 2005 (or even earlier), when he was working with DigitalWorlds.
I managed to 'photobomb' the final session that I saw, which was by Andrew Boardman.
He used Mentimeter to capture people's ideas on what made an Expert Geography Teacher - see if you can spot my input...

I enjoyed the presentations of others. I had to leave before the end of the evening and so missed the last one or two - apologies...
Missed David Rogers here too.

Looking forward to next year's event, which I hope will happen, next year....