Zip wires over Thirlmere

Developing a new piece of work: a Year 7 Decision Making Exercise, on this proposal by a firm to create an activity hub on the shores of Thirlmere in the Lake District.

It's the 'follow-up' to the proposals for the cable cars across Cheddar Gorge, which was a staple of our Year 7 work for the last two or three years, but didn't end up happening...

Source: Westmoreland Gazette

Here is the story on ITN News in July of this year.
There are now some images with representations of how it might look on the Westmoreland Gazette's page.

The Lake District is a World Heritage Site, and there are some objections on this basis.
However, the company behind the scheme has provided a great deal of supportive material, including strong socio-economic benefits (PDF download) and favourable investigations into noise and visual impact.
There are stakeholders on either side, all of which will be preparing for the next stage of the planning application in January 2018.
Similar schemes have been successful in other locations, such as Wales (which Year 7 were shown a few weeks ago) and Brockholes.
Will share when ready as usual of course...