Earth Primer for Mac

A few years ago, I was intrigued by news of an excellent app called Earth Primer which ran on iPads and offered the chance to play with the earth's processes... a sort of geomorphological sandbox. To reach this stage involved 'playing' through a range of chapters which introduced the different elements of the earth's systems, starting with the interior, where you had the chance to play through a number of activities to unlock tools and scenarios.
Tjere were some excellent individual tools, such as shaping sand dunes, and seeing biomes adapt as you raised the temperature, or added a patch of ice.

The reason for posting was to say thanks to Chaim Gingold, creator of the app, for letting me have a preview copy of the app for an early look. It's just as good as the original iPad, but from today, Earth Primer is also available for Mac.  

The price is £14.99, and it is available for Family Sharing.

You'll have the whole world in your hands...