GA Conference Programme 2018

The GA Conference Programme is now available to download from the GA website.

You can download them a day at a time, or the full programme as PDF files.

I've just printed off the main pages, and gone through them with a highlighter, and as usual there are so many sessions that I'd like to go to, with some clashes on most of them.
There are a few things which I'm involved in over the three days of the conference. My hotel is booked, and I'm looking forward to seeing my 'home' city fill with Geographers.
I'll be at the Public lecture, the Awards ceremony and the wine reception that follows on the Thursday, before heading for some local pubs.
I'll end Friday with the Teachmeet, organised by David Rogers doing the networking which is one of the highlights of the event, and of course speaking to the various exhibitors, many of whom I've worked with.
A few things that I'm looking forward to, or are involved in include:

Friday 6th April
The Presidential lecture from Nick Lapthorn on Geography - a subject for life.
A Workshop being I'm co-presenting with Anne le Brocq from Exeter University on the Ice Flows Game resources that I wrote in 2017 - this sadly clashes with a Secondary Phase workshop called 'The Final Countdown', which looks ahead to the first sitting of the new exam specifications.
Teacher to Teacher sessions and some Research papers.
A lunchtime Networking and celebratory reception where I hope to say hello to lots of people
Bob Digby on 'A' level Geography.
A lecture by Shailey Minocha of the Open University, who I worked with on some research on VR.
A lecture on Marks and Spencers' Plan A project.
A special lecture by Ben Hennig on his Worldmapper cartograms (which were 'born' in Sheffield)
A Workshop I'm co-presenting with Tanith Ludlam and other colleagues from the Secondary Phase Committee on "Making Key Stage 3 really count" (which sadly clashes with Tony Cassidy's session, and a useful sounding lecture on the Arctic)

Saturday 7th April
A session on eco-games
A workshop with Ben Hennig on constructing cartograms
A workshop I'll get involved with co-presenting along with Karl Donert, and possibly other partners from the GI-Learner project. 
A lecture plus session that I'm co-presenting with Peter Knight from Keele University

Hope to see lots of you there...

Image copyright: Geographical Association