Lost Urban Words

Michael Rosen started this hashtag over the Christmas period: an urban 'response' to the 'word hoard' which was created by Robert MacFarlane in his book 'Landmarks' and to put an urban spin on it.

This was one of the words that was mentioned in the feed: a narrow alleyway also sometimes called a snicket or a ginnel...
Check out the other responses while they remain on Twitter with the hashtag: #losturbanwords

Robert MacFarlane has made much of the lost words from nature, which were stripped from dictionaries a few years ago.
Tom Gauld created an interesting cartoon in response to Robert MacFarlane's original book, and it is called 'Some new nature words'. I won't add it here as it's not my copyright, but it's well worth taking a look at, by clicking the link.
Robert then developed the ideas with some art from Jackie Morris to produce one of the most attractive books of last year: 'The Lost Words'

For those who have bought the picture book, you may want to see a new companion resource.

John Muir Trust has produced a resource to accompany the book, written by Eva John, which provides ideas for using it with young people - an excellent free resource.
Don't forget that we at Mission:Explore also worked with JMT on a resource


Technology is miraculous, but – and – so too is the living world, including the everyday nature with which we share our everyday lives. And this aspect of the world’s wonder seems presently at the margins of many children’s experience, speech and stories.
Robert MacFarlane

Image: Alan Parkinson - Church Twitten, Lewes