Positive Geographies

I made this with CANVA.
It's an idea I have for this year, of trying to champion those geography stories which are more positive.
It seems that very often we cover negative stories in geography. There's a lot of doom and gloom, and even when we are teaching about something like sustainability, we talk about how it hasn't quite worked....

So I'm on the look out for some positive stories. We could explore stories of Kiva loans which have changed people's lives, or progress being made on the Sustainable Development Goals, or the great work being done by Gapminder and Dollar Street. These are some ideas to get us started on some Positive Geographies.

What positive geographies can you think of?

I'll share the outcomes over on my Quotidian Geographies blog, which is into its 2nd week now, and still in just double figures of daily visitors rather than the 7500-ish daily average readership of this blog.