GA Secondary Phase Committee

Down to London yesterday for a meeting of the Geographical Association's Secondary Phase Committee.
We meet in London, three times a year, as a fairly central point for us all... We've explored the possibility of meeting elsewhere as well to reduce the impact of our face to face meetings.
Here's the gang, minus me, who took the photo, following a meeting where we ran through our sessions for the GA Conference in April, and dealt with various requests from HQ for consultancy on a number of issues, and some of the GA's priorities for the next few years.
Also, when we came out of the meeting, I noticed that almost all the properties on the road had been compulsorily purchased for the HS2 development. These included some fairly modern looking office buildings, and also the very fine Bree Louise pub which used to have an excellent range of beers, and which I'd visited several times over the years following GA CPD that I used to run back in the day at the same venue where we have our meetings...

Look out for our sessions at the GA Conference - they are labelled in the programme.

Images: Alan Parkinson


Stephen Schwab said…
Alwaysa joy! Great photo Alan.