Norfolk Wind Energy developments

As I leave my village and head for one of the nearest towns, I pass through open countryside, and the memorial next to the former location of an American Air Force base, called RAF Wendling, which was home of the 392nd Bombardment Group during the Second World War.
This route also takes me across a hidden feature.
A few years ago, there was a lot of construction activity which involved the clearance of the ground along a route from Weybourne Hope, on the coast of Norfolk all the way to Necton, a few miles from home. This was to lay a cable to carry energy from offshore wind farms to a substation where it could be changed to the voltage of the National Grid.
This passed through the fields around my village, but signs of construction are slowly disappearing over time...
Sitting on the promenade in Sheringham, ideally in the 'Funky Mackerel' cafe, you will see a whole host of wind turbines out to sea.
More recently there have been stories in the newspaper explaining that two other cables are going to be laid from the coast to the sub-stations.

What lies hidden beneath your local area?

Perhaps you should get out your metal detector and channel your inner Toby Jones...

There are some individuals who are being affected still further by the proposed cable route, and this was another recent story, which connected with the idea of PLACE and Changing Places. The place where the cables are heading for is near a village called Necton, and the people living there are not happy that this has been done, as it makes a connection between the village and the industrial development which they are not keen on.

Image: Fields near Litcham, Alan Parkinson - CC licensed