The Plastic Tide

Thanks to my Science colleague Mr. Oliver for introducing me to the Plastic Tide project.
This is an interesting research project which is aimed at exploring options for dealing with the growing problem of Ocean Plastics.
We are going to get involved with the project's aims when we head for the Hunstanton Coast.

Details from the project website:
It is a tide that never recedes. Day by day, year on year it grows. Estimates are currently at trillions of pieces and counting, with over 60% of the oceans being heavily contaminated with plastics. With each piece of plastic taking over 400 years to degrade, our oceans, all marine life, and even our own health and livelihoods are in real danger of drowning.

Despite this, and the 8 million tonnes of Plastics entering our ocean each year, researchers can only account for where 1% of that it ends up; our ocean surface. That begs the question where is the missing 99%?

This project aims to 'teach drones' how to identify plastic so that it can be mapped, and ultimately perhaps collected or target areas where it accumulates. Look forward to seeing how this develops...