GA Conference 2018 - a first request

I'm doing some final preparations for the GA Conference next week...
I'm involved in a few things:

  • Lecture to share work on a project on Changing Places with Peter Knight from Keele University
  • Joint workshop with Anne Le Brocq from Exeter University on the IceFlows Game Educational resources that I've written
  • Joint workshop with Tanith Ludlam and Kathryn Stephenson of the GA's Secondary Phase Committee on Making KS3 really count
  • Teachmeet Presentation on 'Geographies of Home'
  • Beermeet at the Sheffield Tap (following on from the Teachmeet)
  • Finishing off the tweeting of 125 Top Tips on the @GA_SPC Twitter feed... Just a few more to go.... #125geotips
I've also been working on a few other elements of the GA Conference which will emerge as the event progresses.

Here's the request. If there's something that you have done with/during KS3 to prepare them for GCSE which has been particularly effective, please let us know, and we'll be publishing a new Top Tips document immediately after our session....
Thanks in advance...
Don't be shy :)