Joseph Kerski's TED talk

Joseph is a geo-hero of mine, and I'm happy to say that I'm one of his... He is the Education guru at ESRI.
He did a TEDx talk at Vail in Colorado a while back, and this is now up and ready to watch on YouTube.

"A good map helps you to ask a better question." - Joseph Kerski 

Joseph is a geographer who believes that mapping and geotechnologies can transform education and society through better decision-making using geography. He served for 22 years as geographer and cartographer at NOAA, the US Census Bureau, and the US Geological Survey. He serves as Education Manager for Esri, where he focuses on GIS-based curriculum development, research in the effectiveness of GIS in education, professional development for educators, communicating the need for geographic skills, tools, and perspectives. 
Joseph is active in creating and teaching online courses in spatial thinking and geotechnologies. 
He wrote Interpreting Our World, Spatial Mathematics, The Essentials of the Environment, Tribal GIS, and The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data. He writes for 3 blogs. He has created over 4,000 videos.