Madrid - GI Learner - Post 1 of 3

A few posts to sum up my recent visit to Madrid with students.
I flew from Stansted to Madrid Barajas airport on Sunday 2 weeks ago, to take a group of 13 students to stay in the city as part of the GI Learner project which the school has been involved in for the last 2 years.
During that time we have created, refined and tested a range of materials along a learning line. This is a progressive set of resources, which develops a number of competencies which we have identified and tested, and put out to public scrutiny in a number of ways.

The first day started with an icebreaker GLOBINGO activity, which I led, and some organisation of students by first names, and ages.
We then split the group into two, and the older half headed for the University, while the younger group headed into the city to do a Selfie challenge. The weather was glorious - sunny and warm, and blue skies. The younger group enjoyed a long tour of the city, and a chance to see the Royal Palace and Plaza Major.

I saw the inside of a computer room as we started to work on some tours for the younger students, and introduced ideas of Storymaps, and some of the web apps that can be made with ArcGIS Online. There were some nice ideas developing, and some students worked nicely in international groups. We returned to the hostel for the evening, and shared stories.
The following day was rather cold, and was spent working on tours, and investigating the city further. By now we were settled into our routine of working, and having some time to socialise, and meet with the other students: the purpose of Erasmus projects...